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1. The press release

2. It's Just Good Spousekeeping

3. Cosmetics not just for women anymore; international market for men's products growing every year

4. Men's cosmetics put a new face on masculinity

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7. The arrival of Mr. Binks

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 1. The press release

 Cosmetics makers say men are a fast growing market segment

Cosmetics, apparently, are not just a woman's obsession anymore. Sales of skin creams and other such products to men rose about 18 percent in 2004, an industry report says. That's compared to a six percent increase among women. All total, men account for about $52 million of the $2 billion annual cosmetics sales. While that is still a tiny amount of the whole pie, men are coming to the market faster than ever, experts say.

Original news summary: (

  • Fucci swears by the high-end department store brand, Clinique, which in 1976 became the first cosmetics company to offer a men's grooming line.
  • U.S. sales of men's skin care products accounted for $52 million of a $2 billion total in 2003, according to Shiseido, a Japanese company that employs 200 at its New Jersey facilities.
  • In the first half of 2004, men's skin care sales grew 18 percent, compared with 6 percent for women.
  • Even the macho stalwart Old Spice got into the act last year by copying a trend familiar to women, selling its Red Zone line of body washes, sprays and deodorants with matching scents.
  • "There are still those guys who send their girlfriend into the department store, but they're using the products," said Nancy DiGaimo, assistant editor of Cosmetic World, a New York-based trade magazine.
  • DiSciascio said he thinks cosmetics and beauty care companies should appeal to men by telling them the products will improve their shave.

Article courtesy of news target


  2. It's Just Good Spousekeeping

Why women feel compelled to clean, polish and moisturize their mates.

It's often said that behind every great man there's a great woman. What they don't tell you is that she's there because she's either shaving her partner's back, popping his hard-to-reach zits or exfoliating the dead skin off his sunburn.

Such is the unsavoury but almost universal behaviour of the fairer sex behind closed doors. Just as primates are predisposed to grooming their mates, women feel inexplicably compelled to clean, polish and moisturize our men until their testosterone turns a pale shade of pink.

Ask any guy and he'll admit - perhaps a tad reluctantly - that at least one female in his life has prodded him with tweezers, tugged at a stray eyebrow hair or attacked a pimple on his back as if it were threatening the state of democracy.

Some might call it obsessive.

We prefer to call it good spousekeeping.

To be clear, the goal isn't to turn men into women with these cosmetic rituals. Who then would kill spiders and open jars?

We simply want a guy with the body of Brad Pitt, the grooming of Prince William, the hairlessness of a dolphin, two separate eyebrows and the willingness to buy us tampons on the way home from work.

Really, is that too much to ask?

Because men don't come with warranties, their significant others can't return them to the manufacturer - namely, mommy dearest - when something malfunctions. So it's imperative to perform regular maintenance, which entails everything from monitoring his cholesterol to overseeing his skincare habits and preventing the unholy union of socks with sandals.

Writing in the new issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine, S.S. Fair issues a clarion call to women who want to further this curious practice.

"It's time we divert those queer eyes from our straight guys and take over decorating and renovating the opposite sex ourselves. It's time for us to rescue the clueless hetero man from being bossed around by anyone but us."

To our credit, we somehow manage to control our compulsive grooming urges at the beginning of a relationship. Much the same way guys control urges to clean the bathroom - their entire lives.

But as a comfort level builds and the bathroom door is less likely to stay closed, a female's desire to bust out the hair clippers and channel Edward Scissorhands becomes too overpowering to ignore.

Of course, straight men would sooner watch a Highway to Heaven marathon with Richard Simmons than submit to the whims of a wannabe spousekeeper. But upon realizing that a woman brandishing tweezers, antiseptic and a safety pin is likely the closest they'll ever get to S & M, most surrender.

Just days ago, a co-worker confessed her husband gamely indulges her need to pluck the wiry black hairs from his neck.

Another revealed a profound sadness that her talon-like nails bar her from attending to her boyfriend's back blemishes. (If he ever needs a tracheotomy, however, she's totally prepared.)

A third woman sheepishly chimed in, exposing her secret penchant for peeling the dead skin off her hubby's arms and shoulders.

Not surprisingly, this type of gritty discourse is lacking around the water cooler, thus leading every man to believe he's alone in being treated like a science project in the bathroom. Each feels that if anyone were to discover why his nose hairs no longer runneth over, Maxim would suspend his subscription and he'd be denied entry at Hooters.

Today, we break the code of silence and recognize those who have suffered physical indignities in the name of female neuroticism. Men, believe it when we say you are not alone.

Just follow the trail of pink testosterone.

The stories of Misty Harris can be found in such high-profile publications as the National Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, Flare magazine, the Montreal Gazette, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Sun and the Edmonton Journal, among others. Misty lives in Edmonton, where she is currently plotting how to finance her next Chanel handbag.

  Misty Harris

By Misty Harris
Canwest News Service
Published October 2005

  3. Cosmetics not just for women anymore; international market for men's products growing every year

More and more men across the world are using cosmetics these days, and they're apparently not embarrassed to admit it, new reports conclude. New skin care brands such as Biotherm Hommes and Clarins Mens have had good care brands such as Biotherm Hommes and Clarins Mens have had good success with their products intended for men, and a recent industry poll showed that 77 percent of men agreed that coloring hair is a "masculine" thing to do..'

Original news summary: (

  • Men are increasingly seeking cosmetics and coloring their hair...
  • Men are increasingly seeking cosmetics, according to a report featured by the Daily Star.
  • The trend was said to begin a few years ago but it recently began to increase as a growing number of cosmetics and skin care brands introduced lines for men.
  • One beauty expert said male customers are more regularly looking for manicure and pedicure sessions.
  • The international market for male cosmetics grows larger every year - whereas in the beginning it only encompassed hygiene products.
  • Brands such as Biotherm Hommes and Clarins Men continue to expand their product lines to meet the increasing demand.
  • In a related story, a new hair color survey revealed more men color their gray A recently-released Just For Men survey, conducted on behalf of Combe Incorporated, found that most men are not afraid of others knowing they color their gray hair.
  • The report, as featured by PR Newswire, was a national Internet survey conducted by Target Research Group and Decision Analysts that asked 225 men ages 18 to 64 if they would be embarrassed if others knew they colored their hair; and if they thought coloring their gray hair was a "femine" thing to do.
  • Of the respondents, 43 percent said that they would not be embarrassed if others knew they colored their hair and more than three quarters (77 percent) of respondents agreed that coloring their hair is a masculine thing to do.

care brands such as Biotherm Hommes and Clarins Mens have had good success with their products intended for men, and a recent industry poll showed that 77 percent of men agreed that coloring hair is a "masculine" thing to do.'

Article courtesy of news target

  4. Men's cosmetics put a new face on masculinity

Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

Blake Smith is a modern man, and in this manicure-pedicure, metrosexual era he feels comfortable using eye gel to reduce puffiness and dark circles, and a face scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells, as part of his morning regimen. Occasionally the pop singer, who was raised in Houston, dabs a little concealer to hide blemishes and pats some anti-shine powder on his face when he's preparing for a live performance.

See rest of the article at……


Courtesy of, the worlds largest portal for men.

For all your dating, sex, divorce, relationship questions we highly recommend visiting the largest portal for men. You can find all this information at…

Mayo Clinic Health Information's award-winning consumer Web site offers health information, and self-improvement and disease management tools.'s medical experts and editorial professionals bring you access to the knowledge and experience of Mayo Clinic for all of your consumer health information needs, from cancer, diabetes and heart disease to nutrition, exercise and pregnancy.

The Mayo clinic has several articles on skin care, sunscreens, skin cancer. Use these search words and find their current articles. The Mayo clinic changes their articles so go back every so often to see any new articles.

See their site

Email us at with any comments or suggestions for Future articles.

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Guys, we need to start caring about our looks, skin care and overall presentation!

There are great on line sites providing solid advice on relationships, divorce and dating, - judging by the number of monthly hits on these sites, we really need help!!! That said, it’s only part of the picture – part of feeling good about yourself is feeling confident about how you look. We need to develop an overall healthy approach to our lives. encourages men to take care of their skin and their looks. Women have known all along, that taking care of your skin can make you look younger and feel great. With today’s men’s skin care, cosmetic lines and cosmetic options, how you choose to take care of your skin and your looks has never been easier. We have found that the most consistent advice in the industry is to protect your self from sun damage. Men’s skin care and cosmetics is a rapidly growing industry as men have more courage and knowledge about skin protection and enhancement. Men’s skin care and cosmetic manufacturers have introduced products created specifically for men. At the same time, every manufacturer of leading women’s cosmetic lines has developed a men’s line, using years of research and experience. Hair care for men, after shave and fragrances have all developed at a ferocious pace in the past few years. Cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non surgical, are available for men and growth in this area has been exponential.

General lifestyle changes are also very important for maintaining a youthful look and sex appeal: a focus on exercise, diet, avoiding cigarettes and reducing stress are some of the positive ways to achieve this. Our world has become very demanding, it’s important to keep our vitality, positive outlook, feel good about ourselves and the way that the rest of the world sees us. We trust you will find this site helpful, not only for those who want to remain competitive and stay on top of fashion and pop culture trends,, but also for those who are looking to recapture their more youthful looks once again.

We’ll show you how and where to purchase men’s skin care products, cosmetics and fragrances. The site will feature articles from some of the most influential sites on men’s health, fitness and advice relating to men’s looks. We also ask men to consider the effects of over exposure to the sun on their children, to help them develop good sun protection habits at an early age.

Life today, has us taking stock of how we look. Recently a survey in Europe of teen age school boys reported that over 70% were not happy with their looks. While this is unfortunate in some respects, it does indicate that the shift of males paying attention to how they look, has occurred. Our competitive work force demands us to remain young and be change agents. With so many divorces, many men reenter the dating scene in their 40’s and 50’s, (and things are a bit different from the last time they dated)! The line: “Men age like good wine” doesn’t cut it any more. We think the ad for L’Oreal’s new men’s skin care line, Expertise sums it up perfectly: “You think lines add character, she thinks lines add years. L’Oreal, because you’re worth it.” Well, aren’t you?

We’ve noticed an increase in services catering to men’s health and looks: Magazines, Spas for men and even Barbershops are now offering specialized services and products.

We will be coordinating national events to promote men’s cosmetics, fragrances, travel, spas and image building.

Now is the time to start looking as good as you feel…..

Michael j hollis


By the time I was closing in on 50, I started to notice quite a few things changing, and they weren’t for the better! It was slow at first, but telling signs started to surface one by one.

My clothes just didn’t seem to feel as comfortable, despite the fact I was obsessed with running and walking anywhere and everywhere. The scale lied and said, “Hey, you’re looking pretty good for your age, but the reflection in the store windows didn’t lie. Who was that middle aged, rather “rounded looking individual – certainly, it could not be me! I have to admit, though, that despite my shock and horror, I was still able to out eat my teen age sons! Now what is THAT all about?!( I have to admit I have a sweet tooth - deserts are to be enjoyed,right?

The next trauma came when our main shareholder where I was working at the time made the innocent (right!) comment; “This project is turning Sean Grey”. Later that month, things got even worse! During a fishing trip, I was advised by a contemporary that I should wear a hat to keep my thinning scalp from burning. What thinning hair, had my hair stylist kept something from me? Oh, the shame!

The ladies at the office were very helpful, giving me advice on how to look a bit trendier with my clothes if I was going to play the nights!!! ( I still don’t understand what was wrong with that blue shirt – it was one of my favourites!

Hmm, well if nothing else, I was certainly getting a lot more respect from the younger generation of females; they readily addressed me as “Sir”. If anything is a reality check, that is!

Cruising the bars was not my scene, nor was it working – took me a while to realize that the attractive brunette sitting at the bar at 2 am with her umpteenth cocktail was not likely to be my “one and only”!! It was also quite evident to me that hangovers were not something brag about (or live through) at this age!

Even my car was looking tired - an inheritance from the last big break up.

One night, we were all talking about our favorite subject: “women”, when the topic of online dating came up. “Do you mean you could just specify the age, city, height, hair color personality, lifestyles and search for your true love? Well, that was all I needed to put the late night bars behind me. Online I went; there were several recommended sites to choose from.

I had to fill in my profile, not a problem for this part time racing driver, astronaut and now retired top tennis pro (yah, right!). Hmm - now to age. I am sure I can drop a few years with a stroke of the keyboard - everyone says I look younger than my age. I am told that most people keep their real age to them selves. The site says pictures will more than double your hits and responses and it is true!

So, I ask my son to take a few pictures. Well, after repeated complaints against the lighting, his poor timing and his inability to capture my “youthful” image, I realize the mirror is the biggest liar of them all. I was shocked by the bland hair color, the fuller face, dark circles, the middle aged, suburban hair cut - not to mention that and I am heavier than I ever realized. That can’t be me! “Wow, I really DO look my age, or older”, I could hear my self say. We gradually get used to seeing ourselves and living in the denial that we “don’t look so bad “for our age, ignoring the effects that over exposure to the sun, aging, stress and life style has had on our appearance. Thanks to the beauty digital photography, I was finally presented with the truth. GREAT!

I was not in a good place. I do not want to look my age. Simple as that!!!!

Reading the latest men’s magazines, I sought sage advice and then put my master plan into effect.

Need to drop a few pounds; cut out deserts and bad carbs, watch the processed foods,get more sleep, exercise at least 4 -5 days a week, get a new hair style and finally get the courage to ask for augmentation to the color of my hair.

Off I went, to the men’s clothes shop; now, even my boys borrow my shirts - so I was obviously on the money with my choices.

I decided to get a facial; the last one was a gift certificate some years back. My specialist was very informative on all the crèmes, serums and cleansers, especially helpful with recommendations for my dark circles and crowsfeet.

You know, I started to feel better; look better, I even spent some money on the car.
Call it mid life crisis, I call it reality: I do not want to look my age, so, I wanted to do something about it. Judging from the growth in men’s skin care and cosmetics, it would appear that I am NOT alone!

Robert Marshall
Free lance writer


 7. The arrival of Mr. Binks


Fall was upon us once again. Coming home at the end of the day, I always felt like I was entering my own special retreat. Living on one of the most beautiful properties on the water, is so tranquil. I was getting settled into a very comfortable routine after raising my two boys and seeing them leave home. Rituals could now be enjoyed with privacy. Like many others, I had downsized into a manageable place once the family had left.

Time on the internet was all mine. I could blast my stereo with music I actually loved; no high fat snack foods or sodas in the house; walking around in the raw, workouts in briefs, a choice that was all mine. My clothes, hair care and skin care products were finally safe I could entertain with all the freedom and indiscretion my heart (or body) desired! Finally my place looked great and should I say, neat and organized.

Then, the call came; "Dad, can I move back home for about 3-4 months before I leave the country?" Well of course, the answer was automatically yes - it has been a while since he was home and besides, it means that he still needs me! In some respects, I really treasured the opportunity to bond with my son once more before he left the country, possibly for good. I felt that the dynamics of living under the same roof again would be somewhat different than when I was a single parent, trying to raise a family on my own. My boys are both single, so fortunately, there was no “baggage”. Well, so to speak of, except for Mr. Binx, my son’s one year old, ginger tabby. I have made a conscious effort to not have any pets at home since the dog left town a few years ago along with my ex.

Once my son moved in, I could recognized a distinct maturity level since he left home four years ago- it was quite a rewarding feeling, knowing that could see that I had done a really good job in raising him. I look back on my days of "motivation", ( discipline if you could call it) - sleepless nights, waiting up till all hours, cooking, laundry, housekeeping, school, Saturday soccer and shall we say, dealing with their "friends" and everything associated with that!

My 24 yr old son and I (the quintessential baby boomer) have many common interests. We now both have a bond with Mr. Binxs, love to play loud music, like the internet, TV, food, like to wear stylish clothes, and our taste in magazines is very similar – the only difference is the issue of smoking – DON’T get me started on that one! You would think that this generation would have learned a thing or two!

I knew things had truly changed, when my son offered to cook dinner, a BBQ delight. It was a great help having him assist me with all my music downloads for my i-pod. He’d studied graphic design, web design so having him as a resource was invaluable, given that I am working on a few online businesses.

Well, as is always true with life, there are things that we must endure with great patience. Turns out my son’s music taste is not compatible with mine- as a former musician, I like to keep current as I can. I am a big alternative music fan. My son, however, is into hip hop, rap, reggae and a limited amount of alternative.

Our TV habits are also completely different. Magazines: While I like to read my Coastal Living, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and Details, we both have an appetite for Maxim. While I greatly appreciated my son’ thoughtfulness with the surprise lunch that he brought home this weekend, (delicious, huge sausage sub, dry roasted peanuts and a pop) it didn’t quite fit my recommended Mediterranean diet requirements.

Back to the cat - by now, I could tell Mr. Binxs was settling in quite comfortably. Why not? I believe that in this new environment, he was getting more attention, not to mention regular food and water. I am sure my son’s long hours at work, late nights out and staying over night at friends may have left Mr. Binxs alone and lonely many nights. Having said that, I am quite taken by the bond between my son and Mr. Binx. This cat hangs on his every word, watches his every movement and comes instantly when my son calls him. It is very heartwarming, indeed.

Of course, we clash over the domination of my laptop. My son’s computer had crashed – he was now living with me and my brand new laptop, so why buy a new one just yet?!

On the subject of wardrobe, it was quite interesting; my jackets, shoes and jeans where more than acceptable for him to “borrow”. Well, I do have good taste for an old guy - DKNY, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne. However, shirts were another issue altogether. (I think that’s a good thing!)

Most interestingly, was the amount of cosmetics we both had. My son, while still having very youthful looks, did have crèmes with sun protection, as he spent a considerable amount of time outdoors these days, he took particular care in choosing shaving crèmes and lotions. He has sensitive skin, so specialized shaving crèmes are a must. He also has good quality shampoo, conditioner, face scrubs and aftershave/fragrance. I have to say that I have learned a lot from his collection and realize how the new generation of men have bucked the “stigma” of men’s usage of cosmetics…and that’s a good thing!

While we had very similar toiletries and cosmetics, mine focused more on a very different “life stage”; read: “anti aging”. My products focus on skin repair, wrinkle and line management and most importantly eye repair cosmetics which incomprehensible to my son in his selection of products.

One of the most notable differences was that my son was drawn to large, multi-national brands found in high end pharmacies and department stores while I am interested in the new “boutique” lines which focus solely on men’s skin care.

I am sure over the next few months; we will no doubt try each others cosmetics and continue to learn from each other.

One thing that I can definitely predict about this experience is that I will truly miss my son when he leaves, after connecting with him again in such a special way. To Mr.Binxs, I can only say that I am grateful to have had the pleasure to have enjoyed and bonded with such a wonderful guest. He too, will be greatly missed.

Michael j Hollis
President and CEO


I knew as soon as I woke up: this was going to be one of those days! The night before was pretty rough on my body. Used to be, that all it took was a quick shower, a bit of the hair of the dog, a few aspirins, a lot of water and I was ready to start all over again...

In about 4 hours I would have a lunch date with that elusive female I had been chasing. I have this great opportunity thanks to the evolution of on-line dating, so I am doing everything possible to make myself look like my photos and not the 10 years older that I look this morning! Ok, let’s see; dark circles to go along with those puffy, blood shot eyes – great!

I guess the flights, air-conditioning and alcohol added the finishing touches to my skin to make it look this dry. Desperate times call for desperate moves!!! Years ago I am sure I would have snuck into one of my date’s cosmetic bag for something to save this face—come on, guys, we know we’ve all done it!!! I asked the concierge for the nearest department store and off I sped.

There I was, faced with a sea of cosmetic counters, a million choices and about 20 female staff, not a guy in site. This should prove interesting! “Good morning do you have anything for black circles and puffy eyes…uh …for me?! Then the worst happened; I have a trainee who promptly calls (I swear), half the cosmetic consultants over to assist me. Of course, the store has just opened and here I am the first customer - the one time I could have done without such ‘attention’ to service. Well, I have to say, they were most helpful in explaining all the products they have for the eyes and what each one does. I almost forgot that I was at a women’s counter buying cosmetics, until I notice this gorgeous woman who happens to be standing next to me, also shopping for cosmetics. Now, the macho side kicked in: let’s see, perhaps if I were to say “Could you gift wrap this?” or something, it would not too look so obvious. But no, having killed a brain cell or two last night, before I could speak, our helpful trainee suggests exfoliating my skin before applying any lotion. “Is this the men’s line of cosmetics?”, I ask (trying to be clever). “No, sir, they don’t have a men’s line but this will be very good for your skin and we do have many men who use it”. I knew now, that it was time to lick my wounds, focus on the mission on hand, get the goods and get out of Dodge! With a thank you and paying more for the product than I had on my partying the night before (which had put me in this position), I plodded back to the hotel.

I the privacy of my hotel room, I laid out my new purchases and followed the directions with careful precision. I drank tons of water, put my feet up and just chilled. Later that morning, before leaving for my big ‘date’, I started to read the newspaper and came upon a most enlightening article.

There, in black and white, I find someone describing me as a ‘metro sexual’. What have I done to deserve this? What have I become, overnight? Will it be obvious to her when we meet?! Reading on, I realized that this is a description of guys, like me, who take great interest in their looks, hot trends and fashion. Well, the date went well. “You look just like your photo”, I am sure I heard her say!

We’ve had such a growth in men’s cosmetics in the last 12 months and it is evolving daily. Specialty spas, salons, barbershops, drugstores and department stores have introduced men’s cosmetic lines, hiring experienced professionals to help in the selection process. Top international cosmetic companies, famous for women’s products have recognized the need and the desire by men for products suited specifically to mens’ needs and skin types. For those who prefer to shop online, manufacturers and other sites also offer that option with great expertise.

Times have changed; you can look as good as you feel…

Jim Mayer
Free lance writer Miami



If this doesn’t indicate the enormous shift to men’s interest in looking good, nothing will! The first thing we noticed is the prestigious, powerful appearance, similar to their iconic magazine for women. We found the advertisements to be very polished and classy. The magazine is uncluttered, which we found very refreshing and enjoyable to read. We were glad to see several men’s cosmetic lines featured and advertised in the magazine. Most men’s magazines seem focused on jamming in as much news, articles, gossip, females and advertisements in as small a space as possible.

George Clooney is most certainly an interesting and appropriate choice for the cover of the Men’s Vogue launch issue. The target for the magazine is clearly a more sophisticated, mature reader than many men’s magazines (it certainly appealed to this writer!). Articles were cleverly chosen to reflect the upscale image of the magazine. We would like to see, however, more of a focus on articles about health and skin care. It appears to us that their target is the sophisticated male boomer who has a keen interest in health and skin care issues. Very wise, as this is the target with the greatest desire and means for maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance.

Vogue, well done, we think you have set your self apart from the competition.

Editorial Staff.


 10. To all you amazing and influential women…

To all you amazing and influential women…
How to get your man to take care of his skin….you have the power!

Ah yes, we all know the resistance/fear/stubbornness faced with broaching this subject; man, if I were to suggest to any of my female connections they should do something about their make up or cosmetic choices it would be curtains for me. Fortunately, for us men, most women are far more diligent about taking care of their looks than we males have ever been!

Women, for centuries have enjoyed the pleasure associated with pampering themselves and their skin.

So how do you get your man to indulge himself? Despite all that macho stuff we like to project, we men love to be pampered. Here’s an idea – take a trip to the cosmetics department, or order the men’s cosmetic products you will need for a night of pampering: Perhaps a specially formulated shampoo for his hair type, exfoliating scrub, masque, shaving cream, after-shave lotion, moisturizer, eye cream, emollient body lotion, massage oil, and bath oil. Purchase a new razor, if your man uses those throw away blades. Buy some teeth whitening. Ask for help in making your choices, you will find most department stores and men’s websites are very knowledgeable and helpful. You’ll probably also find the prices to be more reasonable than women’s cosmetics.

Book a special evening with your man and prepare to set the stage. Tell him you are going to pamper him all evening: Light some candles, line up his favorite relaxing tunes, some wine and tell him you are going to give him a very sensual bath. When he sees that French lingerie you will be wearing, he will do exactly what he’s told to do! During the bath you will “maintain your focus” on the mission at hand. Let him shave himself by holding a mirror for him. Show him the men’s products you you’ll be using and then begin the relaxing facial, applying the cleansers, masque, moisturizers and creams.
Remark how great he looks. Then comes that awesome massage with the lotions and oils. (Trust me, he doesn’t need you to be an expert just your touch is enough for us men!)

After you rub any excess oils off in whichever way you deem appropriate, you can now take care of the finishing touches. That sensual fragrance you bought at the counter for him smells even better now when you apply it.

Let him know how sexy and relaxed he looks. Trust me, he will feel good - very good. Any man who would turn down that night doesn’t know what he’s missing! Chances are, he’ll love the results and will most likely continue to use those products afterwards.

If you think your man’s hair needs a bit brightening or intensifying you might suggest that he would be even more irresistible with a little less gray, a little richer hair color or a few brightening highlights in his hair. After so many years of knowing about haircolor, you’ll be able to explain the different ways his color can be enhanced. In the mood he’ll be in after his evening of indulgence, he’ll listen!

Mission accomplished! Best of all, in addition to introducing your man to the benefits of pampering himself a little, as a bonus – You’ve enjoyed a romantic and intimate evening together!

Robert Marshall
Free lance writer

 11. Online Image

The phone rang; I think it was around 10.30 pm, I'd just finished updating my profile one more time. Every time I looked at it, I couldn't help thinking something was missing. Only 10 responses this week, hmmm… better make some adjustments.These latest changes to my profile have got to improve my response rate!

Hi, is this Mike?
Yes -(hmmm great voice she has)
Mike, the former astronaut, racing car driver, musician, navy seal and jet pilot?
Ah sure, who is this?
Oh, your profile came up in my searches and I find you so interesting!
Thank you, who is this again?
The girl of your dreams Mike. Love your picture, is that your jet?
Had to sell it this year.
What I like about your profile Mike, is that you seem so caring, very witty, trustworthy, intelligent and nice.
That, I am.
What really turns me on though, is that you are comfortable in jeans or a tuxedo - can have fun living in a tent, or at the Ritz. Your adventurous side is really something - did you really paddle up the Amazon for 8 weeks by yourself?
That's me!
You look so young for 40, what is your secret Mike?
I take good care of myself.
I see you that you like to salsa, so do I! It's nice to find someone who also loves to dance - you must have learned that on some of your covert missions to South America that you mentioned.
That was a while ago, I am afraid.
You know, Mike I really would like to meet you, perhaps for coffee; I'd love to hear all your stories. Mike, honesty is so important to me and I am glad you wrote that it is important for you too.
That's great, I am out of the country on assignment now and will not be back for awhile, I'll let you know when, thanks for calling.

Let's get real here guys. Make it simple, upbeat, and most importantly, honest. You will have to meet eventually, so just be yourself! A few recent photos along with your profile are what is needed. For you guys who don't post a picture, don't be surprised if your success rate is much lower. More and more people are meeting on line; it is the place to meet women. Read a few profiles of others to see the different styles that people use, then make it your own. Your on line personals service usually provides tips, so give them a read. A short profile will not generate as much interest as a more detailed one. Share your interests, your passions and most importantly be real about who you are! Stay open - don't restrict yourself by putting to many demands on the type of person you want. Remember that in the end, you want to attract someone who is going to like you for who you are. Happy hunting...

Menslooks editorial

 12. FOOD AND WINE — Making You Look Good

Imagine yourself…You - the confident and comfortable entertainer both at home and in restaurants. Talking intelligently about food and cooking, demonstrating your keen sense and appreciation of wines helps you to exude the confidence everyone loves to be around.

How impressive would it feel to be able to choose a good wine at a restaurant without hesitation (or intimidation)? Cooking a meal for family, friends or that hot date? Well, we have the perfect resource for you. Food411 offers great shopping, recipe and ingredient tips. And for you guys who can’t boil an egg, or forget your lady was coming over for dinner, Food411 provides you with terrific last minute ideas. Take a look through their site. Knowing your food is powerful and this is one great resource.

When it comes to wine appreciation and knowledge, there is no better resource to help you with your “education” than Wine Spectator. The world’s greatest experts can help you select the perfect wine at the right price for any occasion. Impress your guests as you coolly select the most appropriate wine for the meal. Wine Spectator has endless resources for the beginner (“help me to avoid embarrassment”) or the consummate oenophile.

Improving your knowledge of wine and food you will give you a new confidence and appreciation of the finer things in life. We cannot promise that you will get more women, but sure will impress the ones you are with!!! is the ultimate food resource for everything on the Web related to online food shopping opportunities; gourmet foods, ingredients, recipes, cooking, and dining, food blogs, unique gift ideas, meals delivered--each and every listing has been carefully reviewed and hand-selected. An invaluable resource, whether you're looking for specialty food ingredients, unusual kitchen tools, a memorable food gift, and meal ideas.

Visit their site at www.


Visit their site at


 13. Toro: Canada's Magazine for Men

While men in the United States and England have had upscale magazines such as GQ and Esquire published in their countries for years, Canadian men have never had a magazine to call their own. In April 2003, Toro set out to change that. Combining the intelligence of the best American men's magazines with the wit and irreverence of Britain's "lad" magazines, Toro charged into the Canadian marketplace, garnering an impressive number of accolades for its unique vision and style.

Presenting a compelling range of topics, including sports, entertainment, health, fashion, food, travel, grooming, gear, and, of course, women, Toro quickly established itself as the ultimate destination for the discerning Canadian male.

After just two issues, Toro received both platinum and gold Folio Awards in New York City for its highly original design. Toro also improved upon the four National Magazine Awards it won in 2004 with six awards in June 2005, including gold for investigative journalism and fashion photography, a category the magazine has dominated since its launch. Now in its third year, Toro continues to offer an enriching experience to sophisticated males across the country.

Visit their site at

 14. Thoughts To Help You Lose Weight

Everyone knows that the benefits to being fit are numerous; now, sure, we'd all love to have that perfect washboard six pack, but you don't need that to be fit to look good. Eating a healthy diet and regular work outs will make you feel so much better. Never underestimate the power of endorphins!

Having trouble losing weight? Peter Liu examines the problems we face when trying to shed unwanted pounds and gives you tips on how to lose weight successfully.

Weight loss seems to be everyone’s favourite and least favourite topic. We are inundated with reports on the obesity epidemic plaguing North America, but the scales aren’t changing. The reason? It takes a lot more than talk to get rid of excess weight. And it’s not easy! We’ve all got a lot on our plates – literally. Our hectic lifestyles aside, there is a lot of unhealthy food out there and portion size is getting out of control.

Good news though – it’s not hopeless. Many people are becoming more health-conscious and want to make a serious effort to eat right and exercise. However, this doesn’t mean that weight loss is easy and many people end up frustrated. So what can you do? Let me give you a few ways to lose weight without losing your mind.

Get Your Mind in Shape

We’ve all heard of the battle of the bulge but that’s nothing compared to the wars you can have with your mind. If your mindset isn’t in the right place, then you might as well stop right now.

You know you have to improve your overall health with the proper foods and exercises, but if you let little problems get you down you’ll never be able to keep the weight off. If you’re looking for progress, remember that it’s a process that takes some time – weight loss doesn’t occur overnight. Cravings for sweets can be killer, and if you find yourself reaching for the Krispy Kremes, you’re just proving to yourself that you are willing to fail.

A positive attitude is the key here; learn to love your body, even the flabby parts.

Be Flexible

To make your body more flexible and fit, you’re going to need a flexible routine as well! Incorporating healthy choices into your lifestyle may require changing your schedule, your habits, and your life.

People have set routines that they adhere to and it’s hard to change that. However, to lose weight properly requires a serious commitment to your goals. That means you’ll have to change your routine and follow the new one just as stringently! Change your eating habits and your daily schedule. Set aside time to make food, buy healthy groceries, and exercise several times a week.

No More Excuses!

Do you use your busy life as an excuse to avoid exercising? You’re late for something and you haven’t eaten yet, so you grab something greasy and fattening to tide you over?

Getting lazy and using excuses will never help you lose weight, because it’s clear that you haven’t made a real commitment. People are always looking to lose weight as fast as possible, but I’m sorry to tell you, there is no magical secret. If there were, we’d all be at our ideal weights, right? Buckle in and get ready for a long process that you will actually benefit from. Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have time. Make the time.

If you’re sitting for most of the day, remember that weight gain occurs when you eat more calories than you use. Try to exercise whenever you have time – just don’t let people catch you doing Tai-Bo in the office! Fit in some time for working out and you’ll be fitting into those skinny jeans in no time.

Be Patient

As I stated above, there is no healthy method for rapid weight loss. Losing weight and keeping it off is a slow and gradual process. Many people expect immediate changes, and when they don’t get them, they give up. It’s best to aim for small goals. Take it slow and steady, and plan your steps.

One day you may decide to eat a salad instead of that swiss mushroom burger that drips fat. Or you may plan a week ahead for your meals. The point is to set achievable goals and be sure you can achieve them. Patience, patience, patience: lose no more than 0.5kg per week (1-2lbs), or 10kg (22lbs) in six months.

Forget About Numbers!

People have to start training themselves to understand that their weight isn’t always the best indicator of their fitness. Sometimes people gain weight when they start working out and get freaked out. This is the misconception that weight has been gained, leading you to think that your weight loss program isn’t working. It’s more likely that you are starting to gain muscle, and even if the scale isn’t saying what you’d like, you may notice that your clothes are actually fitting much looser. There is less fat in your body and you have more energy to spend, so rejoice!

Another possible reason for a stagnating scale is the possibility you’ve reached a plateau. When you exercise, your body can adapt and there will be no change as long as you keep doing the same exercises. Try switching up your routine to throw your body off, or add more weights.

Weight loss is for everyone!

Whether you have a hectic schedule or the wrong mindset, remember this: you can do it. It’s possible for everyone to lose weight and keep it off. It just requires some major but meaningful changes to your life.

You may have a rough time getting started, but once you get going I’m sure you’ll be happy that you did. Get out there!

 15. Guide to Table Manners

From sitting up straight to passing things accross the table, there are some things people still don't know. Edward Fenner writes.
In Part I of this article, we learned a bit about table manners. Now we'll focus on the finer elements of civilized dining. (click here to read Part I)

Table manners exist for a reason. Good manners show a civility and respect for your tablemates. While manners vary from culture to culture, good conduct is still the norm. Acting like a barnyard animal at the trough won’t take you very far, nor will it garner you much respect. Besides, gentlemen just don’t do that.

Dinner is Served

Once dinner is under way, remember that it’s not a race to the finish. Pace yourself. Likewise, if you are last and holding up the next course, or perhaps dessert, maybe you are talking too much. Be aware of the scene and how it’s unfolding.

In respect to posture, there are only three things to remember:

  • Don’t slouch
  • Keep your elbows off the table
  • Keep your feet still and flat on the floor
  • Serving Order

Children may be served first, something small to get them started and to keep them occupied, but nothing messy. Otherwise, senior guests at the table should be given first opportunity at whatever they like. This shows respect and deference. Follow their cues.


Some people like ketchup. It goes great with fries, burgers, and hot dogs. However, few things will break a host’s heart like asking for ketchup when a special dinner is served – or worse, you then drown your meal in the red goop.

Mustards are often available. Standard yellow mustard is not the way to go (think ketchup, only yellow). Dijon mustard is a common dinner counterpart. Whole grain mustards come in a wide assortment. Try some.

Horseradish is a common addition to beef. Chutneys are sometimes served with chicken or pork.

Salt, pepper, and a few items like nutmeg, paprika, or parsley flakes are also commonly available. Salt and pepper should be moved together even if only the one is asked for and they should be put onto the table, not into someone’s hand. This prevents the opportunity for it to be mishandled and dropped. Pass the stuff along and ask the person next to pass it along.

If something you like is missing from the table, you may ask the host if they have what you are looking for available. Don’t ask for something unusual you may have at home, but may not be something your host would have. It suggests that you are not satisfied with the way the food tastes and could be interpreted as insulting. It may be deliberate on the host’s part to NOT have certain add-ons available so as not to change the intended flavoring.

Forks and Fingers

For most proper sit-down meals, tools are used. Forks, knives, and spoons are pretty much universal. If chopsticks are presented, use them if you know how. If you don’t, do give them a try. If you cannot manage them or are concerned about making a mess, it’s okay to ask for western cutlery.

Some foods are meant to be eaten with your fingers. Chicken fingers can be eaten either way. Regular chicken is borderline. Proper dining calls for tools – picnics call for fingers. Burgers, fries, dogs, ribs, subs, bread, sandwiches, cookies, hors d’ouveres, and stemmed fruits are all finger friendly. Sates and kebabs are okay to hold in your hand, but the items should be removed to your plate with your fork.

It’s not Lemon Soup

Finger bowls are coming back into style. They are common at restaurants where a lot of finger-foods are served (chicken, ribs, etc.), but are not very common at private dinners. More recently, these accessories are finding a place at the table again. Finger bowls usually contain a bit warm water and a small chunk of lemon. Dip your fingertips in the bowl, but don’t use the bowl as a mini sink. After dipping, clean off your fingers on your napkin.

Dinner Delay

It happens sometimes. Things don’t go according to plan and dinner will be late. Go with the flow. Good hosts already know what’s going on, so don’t ask. If the meal is going to be delayed more than 15 minutes, the host will likely put something small out to tide things over. If you have a particular dietary requirement to eat by a certain time, privately ask the host if there is something you can have. Good hosts will accommodate.

Delay or no delay, the host will give the go-ahead to eat. If people are slow to respond and you are alone at the table or buffet, do not go ahead. Wait for at least one other person. If nobody comes, invite someone to get the process started. Unless it is a cold buffet dinner, the host will not appreciate going through all the trouble of preparing a hot meal only to have it go cold and uneaten.

Gadgets and Gizmos

Cell phones, PDAs, Blackberries, iPods, and other toys and personal entertainment devices are not cool at dinner. Only a few professionals and laypersons really need to be available during dinner (doctors, etc.). If you must be available, keep your phone on vibrate and if it does go off, excuse yourself from the table.

Dinner Rules

The elements of fine table manners are subjective and should not be taken too literally. Just be kind and courteous – always remember that food is a social event and should be treated as such.

 16. Benefits of working with image consultants

The first-ever “Image Research Study” from Central Michigan University, commissioned by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), reveals that image consultant services give people more than just a “superficial boost”, they also improve self-esteem.
Dr. Joyce Knudsen, Chris Ward, Evangelia Souris, Carla Mathis, Julia Rushing and Dominique Isbecque make up the team of experienced image consultant members from AICI who designed the pre and post surveys.
The study has validated the work of image consultants and proved that it is important; not only on a superficial level, but that it has a positive influence on a client’s ability to recognize and appreciate his or her own self-worth. Image consultants also have a significant impact on personal and professional development skills which relate to the areas people deem most important in life: self-confidence, career, promotion and performance and interpersonal relationships.

It is now evident that the work of image consultants influences both the “inside”, as well as the “outside” human element. This will become the characteristic that most differentiates the image consulting industry as it grows in the future.
The study also proves to the general public that image consultants do not have to perform “extreme makeovers” or work with their clients for extended periods of time in order to impact their self-confidence.

Arena Magazine - Latest Issues

29th August 2006

The October issue of Arena Magazine is out this week on Thursday, August 31st.

As ever, the smartest and most stylish men’s magazine is packed with sensational pictures, intelligent features, cutting-edge fashion and piercing insights into the modern world.

Included in this month’s issue are:

- Hearts FC – Arena tells the extraordinary inside tale of how Russian money and meddling saw Britain’s most dysfunctional club get through five managers in a year and make it into Europe

- Holly Valance – Sensational pictures and an exclusive interview with the erstwhile pop star and Aussie-soap sex symbol who is back to kick arse in Hollywood. The actress discusses her upcoming films, future business plans, meeting Paris Hilton for the first time – and reveals what really gets her going: “I’m a big food chick – schnitzel sandwiches are so good. Just a big lump of meat … it’s the small things that excite me.”

- Q&A With Ridley Scott – The director on retarded audiences, paper unicorns, moshing and finally a definitive answer on whether Deckard is a replicant. “Oh yes. The clues are there. The first one is where he’s drunk at the piano and he looks at all the photographs of his past. And of course this is a history and a past of an android who has no past,” he says.

- Girls of Indie – Spectacular pictures and interviews with indie music’s sexiest shining lights – Abi Harding from the Zutons, Charlotte Hatherley (formely of Ash), Liela Moss from the Duke Spirit, Carina Round, Juanita Stein from Howling Bells, the girls from the Donnas and Ana and Maya from Sohodolls. “We create a fantasy world for freaks and voyeurs,” says Maya. “So much expression isn’t allowed because someone somewhere deems it dirty. But were not stabbing people – we’ve just got a provocative edge. We take risks.”

- Bryce Dallas Howard – Ron Howard’s daughter and star of Lady In The Water tells Arena about her admiration for George Clooney, “I’d like to do what George Clooney’s doing where he acts in films, but if there’s a story that’s particularly important and intriguing to him, he tells it as well,” and her relationship with her father, “I’d love to work with him…I am doing a short film called Orchard at the moment for which Dad’s giving me the most important kind of support, ‘You can do it’,” she says.

- Welcome to your most frightening childhood moments – Arena works through an intense session of regression therapy and recalls the nightmarish images that shaped our warped world view. Playground intimidations, demented TV characters and even seeing your Dad drunk for the first time are some of the highlighted traumas of those early years.

- James Morrison –The singer-songwriter on eco-jeans and being compared to Chris Martin and Richard Ashcroft. “I don’t see myself like them,” says Morrison. “But they’re both great songwriters so if people put me in that category then …”

- Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant – The Brit comedy legends talk to Arena about the new series of Extras, offending the disabled and the price of fame and fortune. “The word celebrity makes me feel sick. I don’t want to align myself with people that love waving on the red carpet and having free champagne and falling out of places drunk,” says Gervais.

- Yunjin Kim (Sun Kwon from Lost) – Arena helps Lost’s most under-the-radar pleasure become a true sexpot for the first time with a sensational photo shoot. “I was really nervous about looking sexy, but when I saw [the pictures] I was so happy … I don’t think I’ve ever been so satisfied,” she says of the session. “I don’t think my Lost character will ever be a sexy woman. But it’s surprising what a little bikini can do.”

- Will Self – The acclaimed author and journalist reveals his lighter side. When asked what he would like written on his gravestone he jokes, “Just the names and dates. At this point in my life I’ve written and published getting on for three million words so I don’t need another seven.”

- Arena in Columbia – In South America’s most intractable civil war, a group of unarmed volunteers are all that stands between civilians and murderous paramilitaries. Arena joins the human barricade in fear of ‘the men who cut off heads’.

- Plus loads more…

Pictures and features may be reproduced by prior arrangement against agreed credits for magazine through Ian Monk Associates. Spokespeople are available for broadcast interviews and print comment. Please contact Charlotte Cormack at or on 020 8834 1810 or Kristy Mayo at

Indoor Rock Climbing for Fitness: It's Not Extreme Anymores

Indoor Rock Climbing for Fitness: It's Not Extreme Anymore
Once an activity labeled as an “extreme sport”, rock climbing has in the last few years become a very popular workout activity as the use of indoor climbing walls in fitness facilities, community centers and health clubs has increased and made the sport much more user friendly. Not only can it be fun and exciting, rock climbing is one of the most effective strength training workouts a person can ever have, providing fitness and strength benefits that are difficult to match with any other single activity. If you want to work out every muscle in your body in the shortest amount of time possible and get quick results in strength, body shape, toning and muscular endurance, there is no better thing to do. It burns a tremendous amount of calories as well, assisting with weight or fat loss. And did I mention that it is fun? Participants sometimes have such a blast that they even forget to feel tired!

Around twenty years ago, the very first climbing gyms started appearing around the United States. One of the first was The Vertical Club in Seattle, Washington, and that is where I first took a lesson and learned to climb. My experience walking in there in 1993 was TOTALLY different than a new climber would have walking into the average climbing facility now. Back then, climbing gyms were primarily the domain of serious rock climbers who needed a way to stay in shape during the bad weather months or in between trips to outdoor climbing locations. Climbing as a general fitness activity hadn’t arrived yet.

When I entered the facility that day, I was first greeted by a man on crutches who told me he had just broken his ankle in an outdoor climbing fall. He seemed pretty intense. There were several men climbing near the front without shirts on, their bodies seemingly made of nothing but muscle and sinew. One of them was attempting a climbing move just a few feet off the ground right in front of his buddies, who stood no more than arms reach from him, shouting him encouragement and prepared to break his fall if he came off the wall. He was exerting himself fully while trying the move, and I was struck by his effort, while all he had to do was literally put his foot down and he would have been standing directly on the ground.

I felt somewhat intimidated by the atmosphere. The place was definitely filled with people who climbed seriously, and at that time I was definitely someone who did not. I was glad I was there to take an actual lesson because I would have absolutely no idea how to start for myself. My teacher was the owner of the club, and he was very friendly and helpful. It was almost like having my own personal trainer. By the end of the 2 hour lesson I knew my way around the gym and the equipment and knew how to belay another climber and tie myself into the rope for safety. And I had climbed from the bottom of the walls to the top several times successfully. I was officially a climber, albeit a very enthusiastic beginner.

In the present day, a first trip to a climbing facility for a beginner will be a completely different experience. There are many more climbing gyms around, and like I mentioned above, many fitness centers and health clubs have climbing walls now. These climbing gyms and fitness center walls are used much more now by the average fitness enthusiast who is looking for a fun way to workout or have some recreation, and beginner classes abound. The look and feel of the facilities is usually very family friendly. Birthday parties and social events for kids, corporate outing and team building for adults as well as family recreation outings make up a huge percentage of the business for climbing walls nowadays. A first time visitor will be greeted by an enthusiastic staff wearing matching t-shirts and typically watch a safety video that gives an overview of the procedures of the facility. Then in a small group or individually, they are led out to attempt a few climbs before they are cleared to use the place on their own. The extensive orientation I received at The Vertical Club is mostly a thing of the past. The equipment and safety set up is much easier for the average person to learn, which gets them climbing and having fun sooner. This has greatly increased the number of people who participate in climbing and has led to the serious climbers that I saw on my first trip to The Vertical Club frequently being the minority in the gym at any given time.

Getting your exercise while climbing indoors usually involves you making your way from the floor toward the ceiling of the facility using plastic holds for your hands and feet that have the same look and feel as real rock. These are attached to a wall that is textured to resemble a real cliff face. As you make your way to the top, a cable attached to an automatic belay device or a rope attached to your partner and tied to your safety harness that you wear keeps you safe from a fall. Most indoor facilities have walls for roped climbing that go up to about 30 feet in height, though some in the United States go from 60 to 90 feet. Most facilities also have a version of climbing called bouldering where the climber is not roped but never climbs more than 10-15 feet off the ground, protecting against a fall with large gymnastics pads moved around on the floor underneath. Snug fitting climbing shoes with specially made rubber soles are worn for incredible grip against the footholds.

Indoor rock climbing requires exactly the same fitness and muscle strength and enduranace demands as doing it outdoors. And the benefits are awesome! Unlike traditional weight training which involves lifting weight in a controlled movement in a gym or home setting, rock climbing is “strength training with a twist”: you as the climber are now the weight going up or down and rather than an arbitrary number of repetitions to be performed to complete a set, the goal of climbing is to get to the top of the wall. It doesn’t matter how it is accomplished, either. Climbing doesn’t have to look pretty to be effective. The result is a change of focus away from the effort of repetitions to the effort of working toward the immediately achievable goal of reaching the top. This can result in a very empowering feeling of accomplishment for the climber, because each trip up the wall holds a challenge that can be overcome and a goal that is achieved. This is what has been known to be addicting and can lead you to want to do more. And when you want to do more, you will keep doing it. And that is the biggest secret for long term success in fitness: keep doing it! It is amazing what consistency can accomplish.

Chuck Carter is a personal trainer and President of To read more from Chuck and learn more about how activities like indoor rock climbing can be a successful part of your fitness program, visit rock climbing strength training muscle endurance tone weight loss fat personal trainer. Once labeled an extreme sport, rock climbing has moved indoors and anyone with a sense of fun and adventure can use it to improve their fitness


Work-Life Balance: More Harmony, Less Stress

Finding balance between work and life in today’s fast-paced world is not easy. You most likely spend more time at work than at home. Also, when you are facing challenges in your personal life, it becomes tough to concentrate on your job and vice versa. If your personal life and work life feel out of balance, this can result in harmful effects. Wellness, after all, is a balance of all the dimensions of your life. To take control of this imbalance of work and life, consider how work has changed, then reevaluate your relationship to work, and apply strategies for creating a more healthy balance.

Work Invades Your Personal Life
A while ago, people worked Monday through Friday, eight to five. At that time, boundaries between work and life were clear and easy. Things have changed, and boundaries are no longer apparent. Here are some reasons why.

  • Global economy.
  • International business. Work continues 24 hours around the world.
  • Advanced communication technology.
  • Longer hours. Changes in family roles. Married workers in today’s world are dual-career couples.

Overtime Obsession
If you are an hourly employee, it is tempting to work overtime. This way you can earn extra money for those special things or just keep up on finances. If you are a salary-based employee, working overtime can help you keep up with your workload or could later result in a promotion or bonuses.
Here are some results of taking that overtime.

  • Fatigue. Your ability to think and your eye-hand coordination decrease when you are tired.
  • Family. You may miss out on important events, which may harm relationship with your loved ones.
  • Friends. They are an important part of your support system. If you are spending time working, it may be difficult to nurture those relationships.
  • Expectations. Once you work those extra hours, you may be given more responsibility, which would in turn require more time out of you.

If you are working overtime for financial reasons or to climb that corporate ladder, the key is doing so in moderation.

The Best Work-Life Balance

It is not easy to juggle all the demands, and it is an on-going challenge to maintain a work-life balance. Some ideas to help you find a balance are the following:

  • Keep a log.
  • Take advantage of your options. (i.e. flex hours, job-sharing, compressed work week)
  • Manage your time.
  • Rethink your cleaning standards. Not making your bed or leaving dirty dishes in the sink will not impact your quality of life.
  • Communicate clearly.
  • Fight the guilt.
  • Nurture yourself.
  • Set aside one night each week for recreation.
  • Protect your day off.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Bolster your support system.
  • Seek professional help. A huge resource to you is your human resources’ employee assistance program.

Balance between life and work is a continuum, as things are always changing. Examine your priorities and set boundaries.
Source: “Work-life Balance: Ways to Restore Harmony and Reduce Stress,” by

Ty Howard's Questions and Anwers

1) We at menslooks are pushing guys to not only care about their outer self, but to take the time to develop their passions, self development, self esteem, to improve the whole package so to speak. Would you agree with this and why.

I agree that men do need to take care of both their outer-self and inner-self. The outer-self is often easy to fix and dress up with material things. While the inner-self takes more time to develop.

I strongly recommend to all men that they begin reading and listening to positive, motivational and self-help books, cds and dvds to begin a process that will put them on track to continuously improving themselves both inside and outside. I call this “The Whole Package Approach.”  When you feel great about yourself both on the inside and the outside, you increase your passion, self development, and self esteem. You feel great about waking up, getting things done, and accomplishing your daily goals and tasks.   It’s a known fact, if you spend the required time needed to develop the desired person you want to become—you can become that person.

 2) There is a high divorce rate, relationships are harder, job security is not what it should be, faced with all this and just general getting older what would you suggest for the average guy to get his life back under control with more focus and confidence.

In today’s world of adverse turbulence due to situations like high divorce rates, tougher relationships, wavering job security, and the fact that we as men are only getting older, I suggest for the average guy to get his life back under control that he first increase his level of F.O.C.U.S.:

1) Faith – When you have a belief in a determined High Power or source that is outside of you it can keep you believing that your goals, aspirations and dreams are attainable. Your Faith can also help you to more quickly recover and regain your focus and confidence after turbulent times.

2) Organization – Successful, focused people do not operate in a bunch of clutter and confusion. They tend to organize their work areas, thinking areas, and life from the inside out.

3) Commitment – It will definitely take commitment from you — with yourself — to get your life back under control. With commitment you will be able to continuously drive yourself back to the passionate and motivated person you used to be. Remember, the greatest revenge is always massive success.

4) Unshakeable Spirit – Life will always be filled with turbulence and challenges. Successful, focused people have a spirit that will not be shaken or derailed should unexpected challenges come their way. They will promptly deal with challenges, then pick up their goal, right where they left off. You too can develop and maintain the same Unshakeable Spirit.

5) Service – Often times, when you have a sour taste in your mouth about life and/or yourself, helping others who are in need of your help can bring you back to feeling good once again about life and yourself. Find an organization today where you can begin giving of your time, money, material things, and service. You will be glad you did because this will be the day you began to “Tie Into A Better YOU” through servic

3)Where do you see the differnces in mind set (with respect to how they are approaching life) of the younger age group (18-32) versuse those 40 and older.

The men in the 18-32 years old age group tend to be highly social and risk takers.

This age group doesn’t live to work, they work to live. They want to live and work in a comfortable atmosphere and have the luxury to contemplate other philosophical issues besides the workplace. They want the freedom to balance home and work so that neither suffer.  If married, they are usually two-income families.  When children are born, they want the freedom to care for those children or they want daycare provided in their workplace.

They are smart, creative, goal-oriented and impatient.  They have little tolerance for the "old" ways of doing things and the "old" people who are doing them.  They want strong leadership but they don't want to be micro-managed.  They often are perceived to show little respect for their elders yet demand respect from them.

They know their value and they want to make an impact on the companies they work for, but they have little loyalty to any employer.  They feel there should be more people like themselves in upper management.  They'll change jobs frequently to meet their ever-evolving needs for money, power and comfort.  They hate office politics.  They love a friendly environment.

The men in the 40 and older age group tend to be conservative and idealist.

This age group comes from the mindset of "an honest day's work for an honest day's pay."  They believe in, practice and preach work ethic, loyalty and honesty. They provided their children with a more favorable growing environment than they had endured in most respects. Unfortunately, this group developed a higher divorce rate than their parents' generation and this further split the nuclear family.

The 40 and older age group says the legacy of social values they fought for are being squandered by their hedonistic, cynical children. The 18-32 years old group says the 40 and older age group ate up the planet and couldn't care less that they left nothing behind. The generation gap is widening not only due to economic differences, but cultural resentment as well.

4) We hav heard said the 40's are the new 30's --the 50's are the new 40' you feel there is any truth in this and why?

No, I do not believe that the 40’s are the new 30’s and the 50’s are the new 40’s. I see many older people looking back at what today’s 20, 30 and 40 year olds are accomplishing with technology and their driven efforts — and these older people are inspired and rejuvenated to think and act creatively again. The older people are refreshing and updating their vision, goals and dreams. The older people see what the younger people are accomplishing and they think and say, “With my consistent work either and commitment, I can take that idea much further!” — and they summon the newly rejuvenated energy to make “IT” happen.

There’s no fountain of youth and no turning back the clock. The one thing in life we cannot control is time and aging. If you’re 40 — you are 40, and if you’re 50 — you are 50. With that said, if you are a part of the “older group” and it takes you thinking and acting like you’re today’s 30 or 40 year old to bring you back to a point where you are feeling and acting passionate, motivated, empowered and productive in life — by all means do it. What’s the worse that could happen, you move closer and closer to you living and fulfilling your dream.


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