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Toronto, Canada. . .Willow Stream The Spas At Fairmont know the score when it comes to massaging, manicuring and motivating their male spa guests. Their pre-game plan begins with the launch of a new concept in spa for men which includes all the comforts of home: plasma screens with wireless headsets, handsome leather and wood décor, the “Bentley”of multi-tasking massage beds, authentic spa treatment menus that are easy-to-understand, the latest issues of sports magazines/business journals and even home-baked cookies.

Fairmont Spa’s team worked with the Toronto-based In-sync research company to discover what was driving the boom in spa and what their guests desired in the ultimate spa experience. Key research initiatives were conducted: focus groups with couples, women and men spa goers, resort goers and those new to spa; and a cultural anthropologist “dig”. What the research found was quite interesting and formed the basis of treatments and philosophies behind the Willow Stream spa brand. Men perceive a spa to be unknown “women’s territory” with it’s feminine décor. A facial and massage could be a well-deserved reward for a hard working man, however many continue to feel intimidated with difficulty understanding the treatments and lack of privacy. Some even asked for “rules” inside their locker room doors. With a desire to build a more powerful connection, Willow Stream addresses the concerns of men with result-driven treatments, like massages to improve their golf game or downhill ski performance. With private treatment rooms, guided spa orientation (permission to come in and relax) and a simple but sophisticated spa menu, men will feel more than welcomed at Willow Stream spas around the world.

As men become more comfortable with the idea of frequenting spas, Willow Stream experts continue to develop experiences and products that will guide them to grasp the powerful benefits of spa relaxation and stress reduction. No longer intimidated by the spa world governed by women, men can now enjoy the experience in the privacy of their own special spa treatment room.

Willow Stream spa gentlemen guests will be able to reserve this individual treatment room designed for privacy and customization of their spa experience. The first Willow Stream spa men’s-only MVP room will be unveiled at Willow Stream spa at The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. This signature Willow Stream spa location was ranked No. 8 among the top 25 hotel spas in the U.S. and Canada in the July 2005 issue of Travel & Leisure Magazine.

The private MVP Room at Willow Stream The Spas At Fairmont experience begins immediately as guests are brought from reception to private men’s room without having to wait in the lounge in their robe and slippers. Once in the room, their invited to keep an eye on the score (or their stocks) on a plasma television screen as they receive their treatment(s).

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Men can choose the music they enjoy or listen through a wireless head set as they begin to relax their mind and tune out the world. Customization of their spa experience is key to making them feel more comfortable and the new multi-tasking Verona Royale massage bed permits a seamless transition between spa services. The therapist can perform pedicure, manicure, and massage while by-passing the changing of areas for speed and privacy. The MVP room will provide the latest in sports magazines and business journals as well as designer robes, tee shirts and shorts for changing.

Unlike many spas that tweak women’s treatments to develop a “male-friendly” offering of facials and massages, Willow Stream develops their men’s menu with their innovative spa partners especially for the needs of their male guests. Men can choose from a deep cleansing Customized Gentleman’s Barber Facial using Kerstin Florian International skin care, The Body Quench, a super hydrating treatment for sun-exposed skin, the Executive Manicure and Pedicure for neat, buffed nails as well as an invigorating Power Pedicure with Willow Stream’s very own Energy collection of skin care. Willow Stream The Spas At Fairmont have been developing men’s spa treatments over the past two years. The Golf Performance Treatment launched in 2004 as well as The Golf Facial. Willow Stream even launched a Canadian Ski Performance Treatment at Willow Stream spa at the Fairmont Banff Springs to help improve their guest’s downhill maneuvers and prevent injury.

Launching in fall 2005, Willow Stream will unveil it’s first MVP room with a new men’s Post Game Facial treatment. This 60-minute specialized treatment addresses the specific skin needs of male spa guests. More than just a facial, this therapeutic treatment designed specifically for the athletic male guest, includes a soothing head, neck, shoulder, legs, hand and foot massage to relax tired muscles after a challenging day of meetings or 18 holes. Benefits received during and after the treatment include the calming of irritated skin due to daily shaving as well as a soothing effect on dry, dehydrated and chapped skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. The Post Game Facial treatment will launch at all Willow Stream spas this fall. Willow Stream will announce the opening of each of it’s MVP rooms as they are launched in the future.

Teaming up with skin care specialists B.Kamins, Chemist, the new Willow Stream spa exclusive Post Game treatment was specifically designed for men of all ages and stages. Perfect for tougher, thicker, environmentally exposed skin, this treatment hydrates and strengthens the skin while reinforcing the turnover of new cells so male guests look and feel rejuvenated and well-rested.

Developed to treat, repair and protect skin that is subject to profuse perspiration due to intense outdoor activity, this treatment helps those with skin suffering from windburn, sun damage and over-exposure to environmental elements. This treatment also combines a pampering massage using B.Kamins,Chemist Vitaminized Massage Gel to relax sore, tired muscles for the althlete's ultimate well-being.

The Post Game Facial includes a through double cleansing, a toning, a skin analysis and exfoliation as well as a warm towel barber wrap and sports masque application. Neck, shoulders, hands and feet are massaged to relax muscles. The final steps of this treatment include an application of serum, aftershave balm and SPF 15 on face and lips.

Guys are then personally guided with customized expert advice on how to maintain their good looks at home using B.Kamin’s, Chemist Male, a new collection of skin care just for men. The aesthetician completes his scorecard by recommending products he can use every day. A simple, results-driven approach to men’s skin care, this easy to use collection for men to use at home includes a BioMaple™ Fortified Treatment Shampoo, suggested retail $22.00, Soothing Aftershave Balm, $32.00, a Sea Protein Foaming Cleanser, $26.00, an Anti-Aging Soothing Eye Gel, $42.00 and an Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 for $46.00.
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Coming this fall, Willow Stream spa guests will be able to purchase B.Kamins, Chemist Male at every Willow Stream spa location or on line at

Willow Stream is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is a unique collection of world-class resorts and city center hotels that enjoy unrivalled prominence in the communities where they are located. Operating 42 properties throughout six countries, Fairmont is committed to providing guests with exceptional service in distinctive surroundings. For more information on Fairmont or reservations please call 1-800-441-1414, or visit us online at

Willow Stream spas are committed to creating lasting memories with personalized spa experiences that guide guests to renewed energy. Willow Stream spas have distinguished themselves from other resort spas by personalizing each and every spa experience with creative new treatments and innovative product offerings

Willow Stream The Spas At Fairmont have become a source of inspiration and guidance to living life with abundant energy. Fairmont’s signature collection of luxury spas are available at select Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. Willow Stream is a story inspired by the elements and the timeless landscape of each Fairmont location.

Willow Stream The Spas At Fairmont currently has seven signature locations – The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess (Arizona), The Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club (Florida), The Fairmont Banff Springs (Alberta, Canada), The Fairmont Empress (Victoria, British Columbia), The Fairmont Southampton (Bermuda), The Fairmont Acapulco Princess (Mexico), The Fairmont Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and opening in 2005, The Fairmont Mayakoba in the heart of the Riviera Maya near Playa del Carmen.

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Fairmont Mayakoba

New Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Mayakoba Yucatan Penninsula

Offering the most luxurious and authentic spa treatments and experiences, Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Mayakoba, Riviera Maya is the newest spa destination from the award-winning Willow Stream The Spas At Fairmont. Spa treatments range from Willow Stream signature experiences to uniquely Mayan traditions featuring local herbs, essential oils, and extracts.Located on the warm Caribbean shores of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, guests will find their energy in unique and mystical spa experiences inspired by Mayan tradition, the local flora, mangrove forest and
crystal clear lagoons.

Great spa information for men.

We are pleased to have as our first featured spa the Willow stream spas of the Fairmont hotels and how they have recognized the growth in men’s desire to be pampered, be healthy and to take care of their skin. They have taken it even one step further by developing men’s products for their spas.

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Courtesy of, the worlds largest portal for men. By Karin Eldor

Come again? Yes, you read right and it's not a difficult idea to swallow. We have certainly evolved from the days when "spas" and "men" wouldn't be used in the same sentence, much less the same paragraph, unless we were talking about a place to pick up women or as a great gift for your girlfriend.

Today's spas have become gender-neutral and are even being founded specifically for men, proving that men have caught on to a concept that women have known about for years. According to Conde Nast Traveler magazine, 35% of spa goers are in fact male, and that number will surely increase in coming years. Men are learning that spas can offer them the kind of physical therapy that seeps into every aspect of their lives, which the playing field or golf course can't necessarily provide.

Men's spas are also designed to help skeptical males stay inhibition-free, and by positioning themselves as "necessity" rather than "luxury," "therapy" rather than "pampering," spas are bubbling up from coast to coast and in most corners of the globe as the ultimate means of relaxation.

So you don't need to strip yourself of your masculinity when stripping down into a bathrobe, but you do need to leave your troubles at the door. In a time when people are welcoming the idea of body and mind treatment, full bodywork (on things other than their cars) and holistic nurturing, it's time to allow a spa to rub you the right way.

what's so spa-tacular?

You're number one -- remember that. And if you don't treat yourself to the rest and relaxation a spa has to offer, who will? While women have announced their need to be prim, proper and pampered, spas preach that it's not how you look once you leave, rather how you feel during the treatment and once you walk out.

Today's man seems to have accepted that he works like a machine; going to and from work five, sometimes even seven days a week and traveling more. Contrary to popular belief, being a couch potato can't relieve a person of his stress the same way a spa can (no matter how many hours of TV he watches per week). Spa treatments can de-stress a person on another level, with the help of the powerful human touch, skin treatments and complete body overhaul. Once men realize that taking a few hours to treat themselves, or even taking a few days off, can reenergize their batteries in a way they've never known, they'll feel ready for what spas have to offer.

While bodywork as a means of stress management is a major motivator for a spa visit, the importance of male grooming also plays a role. Women have come to realize that they don't need to settle for a man with out-of-control eyebrows, chewed up nails, and dirty toenails. If men aren't "man" enough for manicures, pedicures, and facials, then why should women have to accept them as their companions?

spa offerings

If you haven't yet ventured into a spa, then let me tell you that spas are no longer pink, floral, and jasmine smelling. Most of today's spas offer bathrobes for men -- so that all your body parts are more than covered; tables long enough to prevent your legs from dangling off while you're getting a massage; unscented products so that you don't leave smelling like vanilla and a hint of azalea; as well as non-gloss nail products so that your nails are matte post-manicure and pedicure.

The following is a list of some of the "male treatments" provided by spas:

  • Massage -Swedish
  • Reflexology (foot massage)
  • Acupressure
  • Deep tissue
  • Aromatherapy

More of what you'll find...

  • Seaweed body wrap
  • Love handles wrap
  • Body scrub
  • Facial
  • Manicure & pedicure
  • Hot and cold stone therapy
  • Herbal or mud bath
  • Steam and shower
  • Hot springs
  • "Cold plunge" (involves 55F water)

Facials, manicures, pedicures, and foot massages are among the most popular men's spa treatments are and while these can be considered cosmetic, they are more about the necessary care your skin, nails and body requires. Massage therapy, in particular, is being touted as a basic physical necessity rather than a luxury.

In order to fully position themselves as men's spas, some retreats also provide deep-muscle "sports massages," a "sports buff manicure" and yoga, for the man who prefers gin and tonic rather than simply tonic water.

make yourself at home

If you're still not convinced that a spa visit could be just the ticket to a stress-reduced ride, make a vacation of it and take off to a spa retreat with your girlfriend, or even some buddies, and you'll see what all the fuss is about. If you go with the lady in your life, you can be massaged side-by-side, get manicures together, or soak in a hot springs bath, and she will be impressed with your ability to forego a camping trip for a spa retreat.

And while your cuticles are bring treated (like you even knew what cuticles were before), you'll be reminded of your masculinity with your hot girlfriend by your side. What better way to remind yourself that you are the man than by bidding your girlfriend adieu before she goes to get a bikini wax?

Whether you go on your own or with your sweetheart, you might still be hesitant about going to a spa. Well, if you're stressed about going, that defeats the whole purpose of the spa, so I'll try to alleviate your worries for you:

Do your research
Before you decide to go to a spa retreat or day spa, you want to make the most of your spa-going experience, so call ahead and ask whatever questions you might have, and read up on the spa ahead of time. There are numerous spa directories and websites that can provide you with the necessary information. And while you're at it, make sure the spa in question is registered with the International Spa Association (the website is provided on the next page) or has the required credentials.

Get a female to rub you all over...

Ask for a masseuse
If the thought of a man rubbing you down is unnerving to you, ask for a woman. You're paying for the service and you should be able to enjoy it-- so don't be shy. Speaking of discomfort, if you get an erection during the massage, it doesn't mean you're having nasty thoughts about the lady kneading your back, nor does it signal sexual thoughts about your male masseur -- it's a perfectly normal reaction and it won't be held against you. Remember that massagers are trained professionals.

bring the spa to you

Whether you've already visited a spa and are looking for products to use between visits, or want to try out some skincare products before going to a spa near you, take care of yourself with products such as California North Gelskin Wash ; indulge in a bath filled with Gendarme Bath and Body Oil ; treat your lady to a manicure/pedicure and let her return the favor with your personal Men's Grooming Care Kit ; and give each other massages -- but don't forget the massage oils !

just go for it!

While using grooming products at home and treating yourself to daily "me" time is an essential part of maintaining your sanity and rejuvenating yourself during a stressful week, don't ignore the importance of the ultimate in spoiling yourself. Let someone else take care of you by exfoliating, spackling, wrapping you in seaweed, clipping your finger and toenails, dunking you in an herbal bath, rubbing your love handles, and finding the reflex spots in your feet. You'll see that being this selfish can be addictive -- hey, it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it.

Spa visits don't come cheap -- a treatment can cost up to $100, while a day's stay can run you several hundred. So if you don't want to pay a pretty penny, you can always stick to a two or three-treatment combination. Inquire about packages offered.

For more on spas or to find a spa near you, check out:

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Tip tips
No matter the price of the service, spa directors across the country agree that the rule of thumb for tipping is the same as for dining out: A 15-20 percent gratuity that reflects your satisfaction with the service is considered appropriate. "Therapists work very hard on their skills and on satisfying the client, so they appreciate it when guests acknowledge their effort," notes Darcey DeBartelo, director of the Spa at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California. "Tips are very rewarding."
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