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KENMEN was born out of a mission to create a comprehensive skin care system exclusively for MEN. The vision was to offer cosmetic lines designed for the discerning male consumer, seeking alternatives to traditional cosmetics formulated for women and re-packaged for men.

The results are a carefully engineered collection combining 21st century chemistry with advanced skin care technology tailored to man’s specific desires & needs.

KENMEN is also honored to service an illustrious list of talented faces in the Film & Fashion Industries, such as; Robert Downey Jr., Ray Liotta, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Woods, Jamie Foxx, Sydney Pollack…

You can contact kenmen
9500 Meilleur St. Suite 510
Montreal, Quebec
H2N 2B7, Canada

Phone: 514.521.0999
Fax: 514.521.2761


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