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Founded in the year 2000, MaleFace Skin Care has become recognized as an on-line leader in the manufacturing and retailing of premium skin and hair care products for men. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality, most technologically advanced skin care system available, using only the highest-grade botanicals, natural oils and extracts. Our innovative three-step skin care system has been often imitated, but never duplicated and was designed specifically for the results oriented man for fast and easy use, as well as effectiveness.

The founder and president of MaleFace Skin Care (a wholly owned subsidiary of Double R Productions, Inc.) is Ray Raglin. His education in skin care is two-fold. First, as an employee of Colgate Palmolive's medical division, he learned the value and importance of application of professional skin care products as applied to hospital patients in the health care field. Second, as a professional actor he discovered the skin care regimens top stars and their cosmetologists use to look their best while spending many hours daily under hot lights on a movie set.

Maleface products have been recommended or seen in the following magazines. Menshealth, FHM, Lifestye, Cargo, Instinct, Razor Edge, golf and American Spa.

MaleFace Skin Care
400 S. Beverly Blvd.
Suite 214
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

You can find their website at www.maleface.com





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