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New Featured Photographer

River Clark

We note his credits are Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Sports Illustrated, People, Playboy, Maxim, Stuff, FHM, Gear, Lucky, InStyle, Real Simple, Journey, Blaze, smooth, King, Jive, Cosmopolitan, Se7en, Black Book, Elle Decor, The L Magazine, Associated Press, Mami, Camera Arts, B&W, Juxtapose, British House and Garden, Architectural Digest and many more...


Photography to me is a challenge of rhythm and energy. Knowing how to evoke the desired feeling or sensation and when to capture it at its climax. A photograph is a single moment frozen for all eternity. That moment has the power to be an explosion of energy, of joy, sadness, lust, laughter, desire, hatred, love, agony and ecstasy!

Anything powerful ever experienced can be frozen into one single frame and immortalized for all to see. Unlike film or video where you have time, sound, music and movement to convince an audience to feel or to understand; with a photograph you only have that one instant. They either love it or they don't, they either feel it or they pass on by. Great moments pass us all by every day. My job is to not only create, but to capture those moments and to save them for the world to see.

I love photography and have a passion for travel. I love people and love having the ability to make them happy and more confident. I live for adrenaline rushes and sexual tension. Im a well-published fashion photographer and aspiring filmmaker. Some of my magazine credits etc are listed below. My fine art photography has been shown in 42 states and 14 countries.

Check out my and on myspace...

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Nicolas Brui, Jorge Parra
and Sami Vaskola



  Archived Featured Photographers  
Featured Photographer Nicolas Bruin Photography

Nicolaas de Bruin recently relocated to the Los Angeles area, after living and working in NYC for 8 years. Nicolaas was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and traveled the world as a Special Forces Marine and an International fashion model. Discovering his passion for fashion and beauty photography during his work with the masters of photography (Bruce Weber, David Lachapelle, Aldo Fallei, Robert Withman, Antoine Verglas).

Nicolaas de Bruin and Melita Trombetta are the creative talent behind Nicolaas de Bruin & Melita Photography.

Melita is responsible for all creative aspects of pre-production while Nicolaas' eye for composition and light guarantees that the image visualizes the clients original conception. Nicolaas handles all post-production work including color correction, image converting and image retouching.

You can see Nicholas work at his website at
Telephone (323) 481 – 5384.

Jorge Parra Photography

Bay Harbor Islands
Miami, Florida 33154 U.S.
Tel: 786-222-9405
Mob: 786-222-9405

The work of photographer Jorge Parra is featured in for this edition. Jorge has some of the world most prestigious cosmetic, car, magazine and fashion houses as his clients. Based in Miami and Venezuela Jorge has been the inspiration behind the Urban Bikini Project. The Project (Ubik) is an editorial concept that is expanding to other multimedia expressions and will soon publish in various countries and cities.

The idea behind UBik is to embrace the beauty of great models and swimmwear/bodyshots. Fashion/Beauty photography is shot mostly on the urban landscape as opposed to the "classical" view of models in swimwear at the beach. The project has evolved to also include lingerie and some "indoor urban" environments and the images shown here are just a sample of what is coming ahead from this very creative and talented photographer. We know you will enjoy Jorge Parra and his outstanding photography.

If you would like more information on Jorge Parra and his photography and be on the mailing list for Urban Bikini’s future calendar click here. Advertising and Editorial photographer working on contemporary lifestyle, ( health and beauty, fashion, travel and high-end gastronomy ). Full Digital services. Available to travel worldwide.

Cities/regions serviced:
• Miami-Fort Lauderdale
• West Palm Beach-Boca Raton
• Caracas

• Fashion / Beauty / Glamour
• Advertising
• Editorial
• Travel
• Food

• English
• French
• Spanish

American Society of Media Photographers
American Society of Media Photographers

Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini
Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini
Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini
Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini
Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini
Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini
Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini
Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini
Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini
Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini Jorge Parra Photography — Urban Bikini

Sami Vaskola


This edition we feature Keep fitness photographer, Sami Vaskola born in Helsinki, Finland. He trained as a freelance photographer before moving to Vancouver, Canada. Sami continues to manage his existing clients in Europe and still holds a European passport, giving him the flexibility to continue to travel throughout the world.

Photographing people is a social skill. Sami Vaskola excels at photographing people because he engages everyone he meets and creates a connection. In doing so, he is able to draw out their personality and capture it on film.

Sami’s photography is highly featured in major fitness/sporting events and magazines. Sami is a world class sportsman, adventurer and has an acting career to add to it.

See his work at


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